At Coram Deo Academy we are classical and Christian from the first hour of Kindergarten until graduation day, 13 years later. What can you expect from the CDA Kindergarten?

Reading, writing, spelling and arithmetic are the foundations for learning, and we give them the highest priority here at Coram Deo Academy. We begin building this strong foundation in Kindergarten by teaching phonics for the purposes of learning to read and spell. Our primary resource for phonics instruction is Sing Spell Read and Write. This program uses the classical method of songs and chants (plus some games!) to teach phonics in a systematic, fun way. This allows the children to move naturally into spelling and reading. Students learn to form letters correctly and with purpose by copying poems and scriptures into their journals. Students will leave Kindergarten at Coram Deo Academy reading independently and using proper techniques in writing.

Our primary resource for arithmetic instruction is Saxon Math. Number formation and counting, plus time, calendars, and measurement, are the skills introduced in Kindergarten. Children will also master addition and subtraction facts through 5?s. Saxon uses repetition and review to help students master the basic skills needed in order to have a strong mathematical foundation.

Science is another part of our Kindergarten program. We use our eyes to see how God has put order in our world and our bodies, while we take a look at our seasons and senses. We use our feet, noses, and hand as we take nature walks to explore the differences in our world as each season moves to the next.

We use our senses in all we do and make a point to explore each one.

How about geography? Taking a look at our world is a part of our daily routine as we pray for children around the word. We find the country on the map and read about the differences and similarities of the children in that country.

The Bible is the truth that runs through all of our other subjects. Kindergarten students will learn the books of the Bible as well as many verses and passages. As we walk through the stories of the Old and New Testaments each year they will come to an appreciation of what a wonderful God we serve!