Academic Excellence

“You have made us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless until they find rest in You.” So declares Augustine as he begins his Confessions, and 1600 years later his words ring true. That is because while times might change, styles might change, technology might change, humans remain exactly the same flawed, beautiful, high, low, creatures we have been since the beginning. We are as we were created. And we were created for Him.

Every day at Coram Deo Academy our name reminds us of that fact – we live our lives before the face of God. Every cute little first grader learning to chant, every high schooler longing to get out and change the world, every parent and every staff member, is in the presence of the King.

The excellence we strive for testifies that we honor and love Him. Offerings of addition and subtraction? Of Aristotle and Beowulf? Of laughter and composure? Of sitting still and running fast? Of grace given and received? They are all for our Lord. Of course, we will each sometimes fall short of perfection but in this band of brothers (and sisters) we pick each other up, dust each other off, and keep going. And why not? We are bound for the beautiful city. Shouldn’t we live beautifully along the way?

As we begin our journey together, we as teachers are honored to be part of Coram Deo, humbled by the privilege given, and mindful of what has been entrusted. There is a great adventure before us. Shall we begin?